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Bluebird Album Comming Soon

Sophia Dady - Review of Album Bluebird - July 2021 by Russ Evans @RussJEvans

Sophia Dady is an artist that I love to showcase and support on my radio shows on Ridge Radio and it is easy to see why. When Sophia releases a track you know she has put her heart and soul into her work and the results are stunning. Sophia is blessed with a great voice with beautiful soft tones and that is the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned and that compliments her song writing skills.

On the 17th July this year, Sophia launched her new album BLUEBIRD and what a treat the album is for music lovers and fans of the legendary speed king Donald Campbell. Sophia self-confesses that she is obsessed with the man that broke so many land speed records and that it is easy to see why as Donald Campbell is a legend and marked in History as a true great.

When someone has an interest in a subject or in this case a human legend you try to create something that will honour them and their family and in this case Sophia has done just that brilliantly in the shape of a music album named after the jet hydroplane Donald Campbell used to set seven incredible speed records.

The album tells the story of the speed king in a moving way and consists of 8 superb musical stories in what is a superb concept album. Bluebird is the opening track and sets the scene and story of the album in a very informative way and that is what makes the album stand out to me. The songs 4am, Twinkle In His Eye, Reflections (To Gina With Love) and Stay are awesome tracks.

If I was asked to sum up Bluebird in a brief sentence then
"the album Bluebird is a beautifully created gift to an iconic legend"

Bluebird - The album - Review by Marbles Radio @MarblesRadio

A preview of Sophia Dady's Bluebird landed on the doormat a few days ago.

A brilliant collection of songs looking at individual moments in the life of Donald Campbell as he broke land and water speed records. This year marks what would have been Donald's 100th Birthday. Interestingly, the tracks bridge multiple genres. Sophia has listed many influences in her music and they can be heard on this album. The tracks can be played individually but work equally well playing as a complete suite, almost as a concept album.

Title track, could easily be the final track as well as the opener. We are introduced to Bluebird and her speed record attempt on Coniston Water. A cinematic track with discrete strings backing the vocals, piano and drums. The track starts gently, with the mantra "This is for my country" evident throughout, two thirds in the tempo rises. Sophia takes us through the thoughts that must have been going through Donald's head prior to the attempt, including reference to press speculation into his private life. We hear a countdown and a new record attempt starts. Ominously, we soon hear "This was for his country", "He lost his life attempting a new record”- a fitting epitaph to a patriotic hero.

An upbeat, calypso, Jazz style beat with distinct piano. Indignantly, Donald responds to hearing that the industrialist, Henry Kaiser, is backing an American water speed record attempt. The lyrics are fast and are a detailed story, telling of Donald wanting to defend his seriously ill father's record, again patriotically keeping the record in the UK. He recruits Malcolm's loyal mechanic, Leo Villa, and overcomes his doubts. There's even the technical specs for the petrol heads. "Kaiser to hell with you" - The Americans were no match for Team Bluebird

Just Carry On:
A gentle piano opening and soft lyrics, builds into a mellow dreamy musing about Donald's mindset, "Just carry on as if there is nothing wrong" - A beautiful song to the memory of Donald has the feeling of a love song to the man himself.

A bell strikes four, a dark piano begins as we learn it is four AM and another hard day starts. A wonderful sax makes multiple appearances as the track takes a soft rock look at the determination of the Skipper.

Twinkle In His Eye:
A retro disco vibe. Upbeat, fast paced, with a synth and slap bass line that could grace any 80's club classic.

Sophia's trademark piano takes us to Donald explaining to his daughter, Gina, about his father's memory being the driving force behind his quest for speed. May have also been him giving Gina the inspiration to take up the quest for speed - "Just live your life for me”.

My Philosophy:
A lively Jazz number evokes images of Donald winding down and relaxing after a long busy day in the workshop or testing. Work hard and party hard - "Live Life, Be Free, that's My Philosophy" Sophia goes back to her Jazz roots and inspiration, you can almost see the smoke and feel the heat of a Jazz Cafe.

Haunting almost childlike request for "You to stay with me" - I'm minded to think of Gina asking her late father's spirit and memory to "Stay" support, guide her through her life. Donald certainly looked to his father's legacy as a guiding light.