Sophia Dady

Composer and Artist Of Real Life

Solutions - Sophia Dady & Parrots perform the Climate song for everyone (Released on Wednesday 9th March 2022)

Solutions (Released on Wednesday 1st September 2021)

Twinkle in his Eye - Official Video (Released on Tuesday 23rd March 2021)

Bluebird - Live Acoustic Version (Released on Monday 4th January 2021)

Carry You (by Tim Minchin) - Lockdown Live Version (Released on Saturday 12th December 2020)

Reflections (To Gina with love) (Released on Monday 23rd March 2020)

Bluebird - Official Video (Released on Saturday 22nd February 2020)

Make You Mine (Released on Saturday 22nd September 2018)

Reach You - Live Naked Session Version (Released on Monday 19th March 2018)

Let's Drink the Night Away (Released on Wednesday 27th December 2017)

Reach You - Official Video (Released on Sunday 19th March 2017)

Can't Feel My Face (The Weeknd) - Live Naked Session

Mountainside - Live Acoustic Version

The Eclipse - Official Audio

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